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Green Initiatives

Make Your Business a Green Business

The beauty of efficiency is that an improvement in one area can touch every corner of your business. Many of the business solutions we offer to save you time and money also help make your business greener.

Smart document management starts with document capture – converting your paper-based documents into electronic documents. Once you’ve made the change, you’ll forever be able to move and share documentation without extra printing and copying. You’ll see more efficiency, with less environmental impact.

Electronic forms also help you eliminate paper and energy waste. Why order a run of pre-printed forms, when you can generate customer-specific documents as you need them? Make changes and edits digitally, eliminate sections you don’t need, and then print on demand.

Ready to cut waste, save money, and make your business greener? MBM has solutions for you. Contact us today.

MBM’s Own Green Initiatives

MBM is committed to helping the earth, in every way we can. In addition to providing green business solutions to our clients, we practice sustainability in our own offices. Our green initiatives include:
  • Recycling all aluminum, paper, cardboard, pallets, electronics and bulbs
  • Monitoring electricity and natural gas usage for maximum conservation
  • Using high-efficiency lighting
  • Sending in used printer drums for refurbishment
  • Supplying filtered water for all employees, to minimize the use of bottled water
So far, we’ve saved over 30,000 kW hours of electricity; recycled over 160,000 pounds of metal, and over 36,000 pounds of aluminum, cardboard and paper annually. And each year, our goal is to become more earth conscious than we were the year before.

The Boldt Company

“Many companies have excellent user support, but MBM continually provides superior service. I would recommend MBM’s services to anyone looking for a reliable business partner who provides excellent service and timely support.”

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